Love Africa, Football, and Pepperoni


This term:

Love Africa visited RVA to spend time with the students and bring them lots of goodies from America! Pepperoni, peanut butter M&M’s, chick-fil-a sauce (can I just say I’ve been really good and not stolen it?), ETC.

We replaced Tuesday Tacos with Thursday Pizza (thanks to Love Africa for providing the pepperoni), where two different dorm boys each week eat dinner with us!

Our guys developed a love for American football so we began Sunday afternoon football- even when it rains.

Our boys went on the 8th grade overnight camping & hiking trip. Even braved stinky and dark bat caves and no showering (apparently 8th grade boys DO like to shower!)

Our boys like girls (and giggle like them when the subject comes up).
This term we:

Basketball season this term! And Dave is coaching. He had to make cuts and that was very hard for him as well as the guys cut from the team.

Beau came running to me: “Mommy, there’s monkeys!” (you can hear them on our roof). Sure enough, the monkeys were making one of their visits and had stolen my fruit I left by my door in the sun to ripen. Though pesky, we still loving watching them when they visit.

Sunday afternoon football.

Some of our best friends sent us a new game for Christmas: Speak Out! We played with the dorm guys and they loved it! Guy in the front is from Love Africa and joined our game.

On Thursdays the guys take turns leading a devotional- hilarious skits are often involved.



Beau calls the boys his “dorm buddies”.


Please Pray:

The boys have asked a lot of big questions during devotionals. Pray for wisdom to answer these.

Homesickness (the boys and us).

This year there have been many tears when I think of the boys, who have become family, leaving us at the end of the year for high school.