About Us


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Born in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. Grew up a PK (pastor’s kid) in Canada and Michigan. When not checking off items on his many to-do lists, he loves drinking coffee, writing, and relaxing by a fire. Has been known to take on the skills of a carpenter and build rustic dining room tables.


Born in Royal Oak, Detroit. Grew up an MK (missionary kid) in Haiti. Loves the sun, beach, ice cream, and swimming! Temporarily thought about going into marine biology. Instead she became a nurse and frequents aquariums.


Met in 2004 at Spring Arbor University, Ashley’s sophomore year and Dave’s junior year. Our first date, we went rollerblading, and 2.5 years later, we got married. 🙂


Blessed us with his presence May 28th, 2014, 3 weeks early! He is perfect and makes our hearts melt everyday.


Our Journey to Where We Are

For quite a while, we have felt God has equipped us to be a part of sharing His Good News overseas. With this in mind, we became members of African Inland Mission in the summer of 2013, which resulted in us recently being offered a position at Rift Valley Academy (RVA), a boarding school in Kenya!

  • In April of 2012, we contacted Africa Inland Mission (AIM) to express our interest in serving at RVA, and they immediately connected us with an AIM representative.
  • In June of 2013, we attended a candidate program at AIM headquarters and were accepted as members of Africa Inland Mission.
  • In June of 2014, we were asked what we thought about dorm parenting and teaching. After much prayer, thought, and receiving counsel from friends and family, we decided to accept the challenge!

What’s Next?

God willing, we will be departing for Africa in June of 2015. Between now and then, we have quite a bit to get accomplished, such as Bible course requirements, packing up our house, and raising the needed support. AIM requires that 100% of the financial support is raised before allowing its missionaries to depart.

Our Roles at Rift Valley Academy

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, we will be serving as dorm parents for a group of 7th grade boys, and David will also be teaching Social Studies. As dorm parents, we are looking forward to being a part of these kids’ lives, discipling them, and showing them just how great the love of God is, while their parents serve as missionaries in various parts of Africa!

Check out these videos about RVA!


How You Can Help

  1. PRAYER:
  • Please pray for us as we prepare to leave. We have enjoyed being close to our families, developing very special relationships with friends, being part of a small group at church, working with some incredible coworkers, and making those quick convenient trips to the grocery store where we have 100 choices of cereal! Clearly, it will not be easy for us to leave these things behind, and we can use prayer as we move toward our departure and even after we have left.
  • Please pray for wisdom for us to make the right decisions and meet required deadlines. Before we depart, we need to decide what to do with our house, dog, etc., and we also have a lot to get ready for Africa (country permits, Bible requirements, and more).
  1. FINANCES: AIM has developed specific figures for each country of service. In our case, we will need $4,734.00 on a monthly basis for our family. Our outgoing expenses are an estimate because of all the variables involved. The estimated amount for us is $37,273.00. If you choose to support us in this way, each gift you make toward our support (monthly or outgoing) will be tax deductible, and AIM will send you a receipt.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this exciting transition God is working in our lives! We definitely have a lot of different emotions right now, as we are both looking forward to this opportunity while at the same time facing the difficulty of being far from family and friends.