Or “Awanda” as Beau calls it.

We went to Rwanda for several reasons: to visit Kibogora mission, a missionary conference at Kumbya/Lake Kivu, and to visit a couple of our dorm guys. So glad we went! So many memories at Kibogora from when I was there as an 8 year old. We met and made friends with so many at Kumbya. Learned about their ministries, their families, their struggles, and joys. Laughed with them, cried with them. Blessed with such a great speaker, Andre Turcotte, from British Columbia. Learned more about God and waiting on Him (actively waiting!). So thankful for our trip.

Check out our pictures (couple videos are on Facebook):

Jimy (dorm guy) & his Dad who graciously hosted us for dinner at their house.

In loving memory of my Grandpa, Clarence Albert Snyder. Miss him so much.

At Kibogora where we drank our chai each morning on the porch.

Our Kibogora school house and “gymnasium” were still there! (Schoolhouse on the left).

Our old house, but with additions added to both ends.

Rwandan children are very much intrigued by white people. We felt like the Pied Piper.

They made us our favorite, fish and chips (fries)! Tilapia tastes SO much better when it is fresh from Lake Kivu! Thank you Sheila!

Such a beautiful place with beautiful flowers everywhere.

Nursing building named after my Grandma Louise Snyder. Wish she could have come with us!

Tree fort at Kibogora that Beau loved.

We totally camped for 5 days. Ant invasion, lots of rain, no pillows (wouldn’t fit in our luggage). BUT, it was still fun. 🙂

Spent every afternoon down at the Lake swimming and kayaking with new friends.

It was so beautiful!

Beau took a liking to the speakers’ son (who really reminded me of my brother!) and even went kayaking with him.

The kitchen/mess hall. Fires roared all day, every day, for hot water and cooking. Also where we’d get a bucket and hot water for showers and coffee.

Morning Session with Pastor Andre Turcotte.

Mess Hall family style.

Heading back home! Littlest world traveler right there.

A 2.5 hour delay got us home after 10p but he was still awake and excited to be home! As were we! Just 2 words: INDOOR PLUMBING.

2 thoughts on “Rwanda

  1. I love the pictures, what a joy that had to be for Ashley to see first hand the dedications made to your grandparents. What a blessing! I really like Dave’s mustache. It looks good on you. Keep up the good work there and I believe God is blessing you greatly. you are all in my prayers and really looking forward to next spring when you get back to the states for a little while. Love you so much, I know Uncle Al would be, and I am sure is, cheering you on.

  2. I cannot express how much I love seeing these pictures and reading your blogs! How blest you are to be able to be in these places and the amazing impact it has to be having on your little man, Beau ?, but then you don’t need me to tell you this because you already know it first hand ?. Your lives and your obedience to God’s call to go has been an amazing blessing to the people you minister to on a daily basis. What an icredible heritage you have been given in your lives and what an incredible heritage you are passing on to your son . I love you so much and please know you are being lifted in prayer continually. Keep these pictures and blogs coming! I always look forward to them.

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