Our Christmas Break

Our guys return from Christmas break tomorrow! Which also means suitcases full of “chow,” or snacks. Some of the guys have brought a suitcase full of chow- mostly ramen noodles-and maybe (MAYBE) a pair of clothes. In the past, one of our guys said he didn’t even bring his pillow because he didn’t have room for it! Priorities I guess…ha.

Not only were we blessed with having family come visit us this break, we also got to visit one of our dorm guys and his family at his home- so fun!

Check out our pictures. 🙂


Shane and Katie,Dave’s brother and sister-in-law, came to visit us over Thanksgiving and the end of term. It meant so much to us that they got to know our dorm boys.


Visiting Timona and his family- such a special time for us!


2nd annual Christmas party with some of our Kenyan friends. They are such a blessing to us.


So fun having Ashley’s whole family in Kenya!


Holding hands with Susu & POG


Bird watching with Pog


Dave building a cell phone tower for our boys.


Name tags rearranged per roommate requests. For the first time everyone was able to get who they requested!


One of the five rooms. Each room has 4 beds, 4 desks, 4 closets.

Please pray for Ian in our dorm- his leg surgery was successful but he has a lot of physical therapy ahead of him, as well as the possibility of more surgeries on the same leg in the future.

Also pray for one of our guys who is yet to return from last year. His family is beginning a new ministry in another African country and has not yet received all of their support. We miss him!

Please pray us- our walk with Christ, our marriage, homesickness, raising Beaumont, and our dorm guys. Pray that we, and the boys, “will search for him with all their hearts” (Psalms 119: 2). We are praying that we, and the boys, will “Turn your eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word.” (Psalms 119: 37)

One thought on “Our Christmas Break

  1. So glad to see a new blog post!! I love reading about your lives there in Africa and looking at all the pictures. Thanks for including specific prayer requests. They will be included in my prayer journal. I hope your new year is off to a good start for you and your family. You certainly take after your Dad, DJ, in your carpentry/wood working talents! Looking at Ashley’s pictures today on facebook of some of the things you have made around your house. 🙂
    I will continue to keep all of you, and your work there at RVA, in my prayers. Uncle Sheldon and I will be leaving in a little less than 2 weeks for Arizona for annual retreat from winter. I am getting so excited about it and looking forward to spending some time with Uncle Wayne and Aunt Jeanette, and enjoying some warmer temps and sunshine.
    Love you so much!
    Aunt Linda

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