8th Grade: the Beginning


That is the number of boys (this includes hubby and son) that I (Ashley) live with. I’m so lucky blessed. They are all so fun and make me crazy-laugh all the time 🙂

We were beyond excited to start the new year because it meant we got to see our boys again and meet our new ones! They survived the first week of school and barely collapsed onto the couch when the busy weekend started. Check out the pictures.


“We survived our 1st week of 8th grade!”


Junior High Splash Day in Nairobi. It was cold but they all were troopers!



1st term brings soccer season (“football”). The last couple weeks they have been battling masses of pinching Army ants on the field while they play. Again, they are troopers!


Fish Bowl (like charades) and Samosas on Friday Family Night.

This 1st term we have 7 new guys and have loved the personalities they have brought to our dorm. Pray for them as they adjust to being away from family, a new school, new friends, and for many, a new country.

This term Dave is filling the need for a junior high computer teacher, subbing as needed, helping with 5th/6th grade basketball, and is again helping teach 9th grade Sunday School.

In addition to dorm duties, I am working all day Thursdays in Student Health helping with immunizations, paperwork, and even clinical work.

In addition to our Tuesday & Thursday dorm snack night, we have brought Taco Wednesdays to Okapi dorm! So every Wednesday we have 2 dorm guys over for tacos. They love any chance to eat family style and we love having them in a more personal setting so we can get to know them more.

We just began “iHAT” (individual hang-out and talk), which is a chance to meet one-on-one with each guy over a cup of chai and see how they are doing. Soccer season has begun and most of them also practice their instruments after school, so it will be tricky. Pray that we can find times for all 18 with their busy schedules!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers! It has been so clear to us that this is where God wants us- He has filled us with such passion and excitement for dorm parenting. Pray that we will have wisdom, love, and patience. Pray that we our boys will come to know and experience Christ in a real and powerful way.

4 thoughts on “8th Grade: the Beginning

  1. That was a great letter. It is nice to feel a part of life there in the Jewell home . I can’t believe how many great nephews I have this year. 🙂 Wish I could make pop corn for everyone. Big hug to Beau and you too. Love, Aunt Ilene

  2. So great to hear the passion in your letter. God is definitely at work in Okapi and we are so very proud of you and the way you are working out God’s call on your life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am so proud of what you both are doing to help those boys at such a crucial time of their life.

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