Life in Okapi: Term 2

Time has been flying by since the boys returned from break! Dave began assisting with coaching junior high basketball and loves it. This has also allowed him to be able to spend more time with some of our boys.

We do devotionals with the boys during the week nights. Monday nights, we have given the boys a chapter of the Bible in which to read, study, and journal about. Tuesdays, we go over the assigned chapter and they are given the opportunity to share what they have learned. Wednesdays, we read the biography of George Muller, which the boys beg us to continue reading from when we reach the end of each chapter. Each night, they share prayer requests and pray for each other and their families. Thursdays, we are blessed with dorm cover for a couple hours and the boys get to have devotions with another RVA missionary and play silly and loud games 🙂 Just last week the boys began going to the 8th grade boys dorm on Mondays for a combined devotional time – led by RVA’s student chaplain – on the topic of staying pure and fighting temptation.

Please pray for our guys to seek (or continue to seek) a personal relationship with God. Please also pray for them as they face questions, temptations, and conflicts in relationships. In addition, pray for their families as they travel and live life in Africa while they are away from each other. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We could not be here without you!


Friday Movie Night! (Beau snuck under the covers with the boys as soon as I said “time for bed!”) 


Junior High Basketball game with our beautiful Rift Valley view.


Our Saturday hike (in which we may have gotten lost and pushed through an hour of thorn bushes). According to Uncle Dave, this is a path. 🙂


Our group photo from our hike- we finally found the waterfall!


One of our boys’ parents blessed our dorm with an amazing Korean meal!



I even learned how to make kimbap (“Korean sushi”)!

photo (1)

Dave spoke in Friday Chapel, which is held outside around the flagpole. Can you see him? 🙂


Homework Time at 7p, Monday to Thursday.


Wishing he could join his big brothers’ water fight. In the rain.

11 thoughts on “Life in Okapi: Term 2

  1. Your posts are wonderful! Thank you for it all. Love the pictures, as well. My husband and I are clients of your cousin, Joan Hoeff, and we also taught at RVA for one term while Mr. Taylor was on furlough 3 years ago. We loved it so much. We love seeing pictures of such familiar turf to us and reading the wonderful posts. Please put us on your regular email!

    Eloise and Rod Loeffler

  2. I so enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures. It is so neat the way Beau just fits in with all his ‘brothers’. It is so pretty there. Delbert and I just got back from a great 8 day, 9 night trip. 4300 miles and 15 states. It was so nice but I feel worn out now. I am glad things are going well for you there. I am also glad Ashley’s parents are going to be coming to see you. That is so great. Keep up the good work, you are in my prayers and thoughts regularly. Love to all of you.
    Aunt Ilene

  3. So thrilled to see how the Lord is using you in the ministry you are called to. Sending blessings and prayers your way!

  4. Love reading about your adventures and seeing Beau grow
    Your calander is amazing!

  5. Ashley, Love the blog and all the pictures. What a beautiful place! Beau has gotten so big. Your dad told me he let some uninvited guests (the monkeys) into his bedroom. Can’t help but laugh at that scene. I think of you guys often and am happy to hear things are going so well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Nancy

  6. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures! I’m so proud of all you’re doing! What an adventure!! Beau gets cuter with every pic! I especially love hearing about your devotional times and Bible studies. I’m going to check out George Muller myself. Prayers for continued connections and relationships with Jesus. Keep up the wonderful work!! Love and miss you all!! Cindy

  7. Great post! Love all the pictures! The one with Beau looking out the window is too precious!! It’s written all over him how bad he wants to be out there with them! Keep up the good writing and pictures! Love y’all! Mom
    P.S. See you in a few weeks!

  8. good question Aunt Linda 🙂 I edited the caption- “Korean sushi”. So glad you enjoy our posts! Thank you so much for prayer for us!

  9. Hello you two……………I mean three!! 🙂 I cannot tell you how much I love, love, love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures! What a blessing to be doing what you two are doing and what a blessing to be living in such amazingly beautiful scenery. You are both so suited to the work and I believe you are making remarkable dorm parents for these precious boys. You can see it in your faces, the faces or the children, and hear it in your words. God is blessing you through those boys and blessing them through your service to Him. I do have one question, Ashley………………..what is kimbap???? 😉
    Take care, God bless you all, and love you all. I keep you in my prayers daily and cannot believe how much Beau has grown! Have a great week.
    Aunt Linda

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