Home Sweet Home

After surviving our hazardous and body jolting bus ride, we got dropped off on the rocky road that led to our home. Someone said, “down that way”, so we piled up several suitcases onto our stroller and lugged several more blindly down the hill. We were finally “home”!

Within a couple seconds, our hosts were there to greet us and show us around our new home that they had so graciously set up for us with rental furniture until we get our own. They even stocked our cupboards with some food, including homemade tortillas and Kenyan tea!

The last few weeks we have been moving in, making several trips to Nairobi (which is 1-2 hours away) for groceries and household items, preparing for the arrival of students, and learning how to live life in Africa! Students arrive Friday  tomorrow TODAY (finally getting this post up!) and we will then be a lot busier and the internet a lot slower.

So we wanted to post some pictures before that happens:

A syke monkey peeking in the kitchen: “whatcha cookin?” 🙂


Our side yard and door to our house…Beau wants to be outside ALLLL day. The tree on the left is a loquat tree and so we have a lot of monkeys that visit us!IMG_1890

Stairs that lead up to the main campus from our house (we get lots of exercise).



At the top of the stairs, the view of the Rift Valley and the oldest building on campus – the cornerstone was laid by Theodore Roosevelt.


IMG_1924Going for a walk on the guard trail around campus. We learned after this walk to carry Beau with the ergo rather than the stroller!

Our living room, which is heated by our fireplace, and the connecting dorm lounge through the door. We love to watch the monkeys in the loquat trees through our big living room windows on the left!



Prayer Requests:

Pray for the students as they are living apart from their parents, some of them for the first time.

Pray for parents as they drop their children off at RVA, away from home.

Pray for us as there is SO much to learn, and so many job responsibilities. That we will be able to care for these 7th grade boys at the same time as caring for our own family.




4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. How I enjoy reading your posts and seeing these pictures! An absolutely beautiful land! Makes me want to visit and see it in person between the pictures you have posted and those that Cody has posted from Nairobi. I will be in much prayer for both you, Ashley, and Beau as you settle in and start all your new responsibilities…………..and also the boys you have been trusted with for their care and support…………….and also their families. I well remember the very first time I went away to school and the feeling as I watched my family leave. I can only imagine, though, what it must be for you guys as you also add the responsibility of learning a whole new culture! What an adventure and what an experience as you gain having to trust the Lord in a whole new way, under a whole new set of circumstances. I pray for you daily in the early morning hours as I know many, many others are doing as well. Love you all so much.
    Aunt Linda

  2. Praying for you as the school year begins. We have dear friends from Kenya and oh how they see education totally different from our population.

  3. I am so proud of both of you, listen and follow the Lord in all you do and he will solve all your worries.We will be praying for you.

  4. David – I prayed for your family this morning – what an adventure! May God bless you for your faithfulness!

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