Orientation – Check!

Whew- after getting to Africa a month ago, we have finally arrived at Rift Valley Academy! I have been wanting to write a blog post sooner than this, but the internet was not very good where we were and we were also so busy. But we finally finished our 3 weeks of orientation in Nakuru, Kenya, and it was a memorable time!

The hotel we stayed at is close to Nakuru National Game Park, but because admission was very pricey for non-residents (it will be WAY cheaper once we have our work visas), we decided to wait to go on a safari. But during our walks, and drives into and out of Nakuru, we got to see zebras, baboons, impalas, warthogs, and a buffalo! For the first couple weeks we enjoyed orientation…the hotel’s food was good, Beau had tons of kids to play with who loved loving on him, optional game night/movie nights every night after classes, and learning about the African culture and how to adjust into it….but then we got worn out and ready to be somewhere we could call home. The yummy African food (rice, beans, & cabbage) we ate everyday was good, but it got monotonous and I found myself craving a p.b. and jelly sandwich. Makes me grateful for being able to eat more than just rice and beans everyday like so many here have to do.

We had some amazing African speakers that taught us so much about African culture, religion, traditions. We visited an Islam mosque- so interesting. We learned about all the work AIM’s missionaries are doing throughout Africa. How to prepare for emergency situations. How to stay healthy including how to avoid malaria, diarrhea, and food poisoning. 🙂 And to prevent information overload, they gave us chai (tea) time in the am and afternoon, including mandazis (Kenyan donuts) or fruit.

We are so thankful for the amazing staff that took such good care of us and our children- you know who you are- thank you!

See below for pictures!

All the kids (there were about 30) loved Beau!



Playing volleyball at the hotel before dinner



Everybody in class



We visited Menengai Crater on one of our off days- beautiful!



Next to come…pictures of our new home!

3 thoughts on “Orientation – Check!

  1. Wow, God bless you, I guess its the ‘knowing about what’s to come’ then living it part, incredible. God bless you all, people of God. I’ll pray for God to give you those fluent language skills now xxx

  2. So enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Did you get your pb & j sandwich????? 🙂 Wish I could send you one! Missed you at reunion yesterday. We had a full house at the Sylvan Hall and there were quite a lot who were not able to be there. Praying for you that you will be able to learn the language without too much struggle and be able to get settled into your new home soon. Love you all much!
    Aunt Linda

  3. Hi all of you, I am so glad classes went well and that you will soon be ‘home’ where you can settle in. I have to say our Beau looks a little worried in the picture but I know that the kids all loved him and he was having a good time. I think he just needs big hugs from grandparents and great aunts. :). I love you and really missed you at the reunion yesterday. May God continue to guide your steps.
    Love Aunt Ilene

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