The Final Countdown

Our Itinerary!

Now-June 12: Madness of final preparation and packing before we travel to go visit with our families.


June 13: We leave for 2 weeks for our last visits with family.

July 1st: Head back home to finish packing and visit with Ashley’s brother who is flying in for a few days.

July 5th: Our commissioning service at our church, The Chapel.

July 7th: We fly to AIM headquarters in Georgia.

July 9: We fly to Kenya!

July 10: We arrive in Nairobi, Kenya, and stay at the Mayfield Guest House for a  few days to adjust to a new time zone, exchange money, etc.

July 14: We drive with other AIM missionaries to Nakuru, Kenya, for our intensive 3 week African Based Orientation (ABO).

August 3: We head to our new home, Rift Valley Academy (RVA)!

August 31: Students arrive!


Weather when we arrive: Kenya’s “cool” season sets in with temperatures ranging from 54-73 degrees.

Time difference: Kenya is 7 hours ahead of Michigan. So at 9am in Michigan, it will be 4pm in Kenya 🙂

Prayer Requests:

For our house to sell.

That our dog, Lancelot, will adjust to his new home, wherever that ends up being.

 THANK YOU for all your support and prayers!

3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Were you able to sell your house before you left for Kenya & did you find a home for Lancelot?
    It sounds like the weather there will be nicer than back here! So happy that everything has gone well for you and that you will have a little time before your students arrive.
    PS. It was interesting to see that your 1st reply was from “revival beauty serum”!

  2. Blessings on you as you go through all the packing, visiting and saying good byes. My prayers will be with you always. Hope to get to see you when you are in Barryton. I love you lots and look forward to your newsletters once you get on the field.
    Love Aunt Ilene

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