How does 2 + 3 + 34 = 100?

2 organizations + 3 churches + 34 individuals = 100% of our monthly!!!

We are going to Rift Valley Academy!

In 6.5 MONTHS, we have received 100% of our monthly support!!!

We can guarantee you, this is nothing we have done. It is GOD! He has provided! And through so many of you! Thank you SO MUCH!

And we are so excited to soon share with you stories of what God will be doing in this ministry!


We leave Michigan July 6th & the U.S.A. July 9th!


1. What to do with our dog

   2. That we will sell our house



3 thoughts on “How does 2 + 3 + 34 = 100?

  1. Awesome news on your full support being raised! I’ll share the beautiful God given news at our prayer meeting on Tuesday xxx God bless and all Jesus’ love from the UK xxx Charlotte xxx oh my goodness I’m so excited for you xxx

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