God Knows Best

Thinking about being dorm parents to a whole bunch of 7th grade boys can be quite intimidating at times. And so I am so thankful that Dave is so familiar with 7th grade boys. Not only has he taught them for 8 years, but he has coached 7th and 8th grade boys basketball. God definitely prepared him for this ministry at Rift Valley Academy!

Back in 2007, while Dave and I were engaged, we were disappointed when Dave did not receive a teaching job that he had applied for at an elementary school. The summer went by and Dave did not yet have a job. A week before the school year was to start, he received a job offer to teach 7th grade English. Dave took the job though elementary was what he had always planned on teaching. Soon after beginning his job, I remember Dave coming home SO excited- he LOVED his job! He loved his job and his middle-schoolers and was so thankful that he had not gotten the elementary position he had thought he wanted. God knew more about himself than he did and was preparing him for such a time as this!

Things we are doing as we prepare to leave:

Packing/organizing (stuff to leave behind in storage & things to take)

Preparing our house to be sold

Completing MANY hours of audio Bible lectures

Reading several book requirements

Answers to some FAQ’s:

June 9th is our deadline for receiving 100% of our support. (Click here to see where our current support is at.)

July 9th is our departure date, if we receive 100% of our support.

We will depart for Africa from Georgia, which is where AIM headquarters is located.

We will head straight to a 3 week ABO (African-based orientation) before heading to RVA.

Our apartment is fully furnished when we arrive, and we are given 1 year to find and purchase our own home furnishings.

We are SO thankful for all the support God has blessed us with so far – through so many friends, family, and people we do not even know!

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  1. How inspiring! Can’t wait to hear more about your preparations! We’re thinking and praying for you!

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