Being Cool AND Loving Jesus

This last Sunday we spoke at our first church- The Village Free Methodist Church in Mecosta, Michigan! Such a neat church with such special people- we enjoyed talking with several of them and very much appreciated that they prayed over us after we spoke. One of the ladies surprised us when she stood up to share the impact Dave, his brother, and friends (when they were in high school) had had on her son when he was a little boy. That he wanted to be just like them because “they are cool AND they love Jesus!”. 🙂 Just about made us cry- meant so much to Dave. The impact we have on people even when we don’t know it!

I was reading an email today about help needed in Sunday School at our church and read that about 85% of all people that come to Christ are between the ages 4 and 14- wow! Made me so excited because that is what we will be doing! Helping missionaries to train up their 12 and 13 year old children to know, love, and serve God! So please pray for us- that our words and actions will be those of God’s and not our own. That these children will see just how awesome and mighty our God is.

Dave and I have been so blessed with people wanting to support us! We get so excited when others want to share in the ministry that God has allowed us to be a part of. Thank you all SO much!

P.S. For anyone wanting more information about life at RVA, check out or check out the blog of an RVA dorm parent couple to get an idea of what we will be doing- !